Our Quality Ethiopian Cuisines

Beverages መጠጥ [entire menu]

Variaty of hot and cold drinks, imported Ethiopian wine and beer

Apetizers, Salad  [entire menu]

Variaty of salads with house made dressing, apetizers and delicious desserts

Vegetarian Dishes የጾም [entire menu]

Combination of greens, cabbage, lentil, tomatoe, peas and shiro

Spicy beef dishes ቀይ ወጥ [entire menu]

Fresh beef cooked with hot pepper souce and Ethiopian spices

Lamb dishes የበግ [entire menu]

Chunks of lamb meet with sauteed onions, ethiopian butter (kibe) and spices.

Chicken Dishes የደሮ ወጥ [entire menu]

Cooked with authentic Ethiopian spices. It comes both spicy (hot) or mild.

Italian Dishes ፓስታ [entire menu]

Macheroni or Spaghetti with tomatoe or beef souce

Fish ዓሳ [entire menu]

Deep fried whole fish served rice and salad

Experience The Taste Of Kitfo

Kitfo consists of minced raw beef, marinated in mitmita (a chili powder based spice blend) and niter kibbeh (a clarified butter infused with herbs and spices). The word comes from the Ethio-Semitic root k-t-f, meaning "to chop finely; mince." Kitfo cooked lightly rare is known as kitfo leb leb. Kitfo is often served alongside—sometimes mixed with—a mild cheese called ayibe or cooked greens known as gomen. In many parts of Ethiopia, kitfo is served with injera, although in traditional Gurage cuisine, one would use kocho, a thick flatbread made from the ensete plant. An ensete leaf may be used as a garnish.

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